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02-12-2019, 10:54 PM (This post was last modified: 02-12-2019 10:55 PM by DG112.)
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I understand that sometimes our requests are wrong, not accurate, not in your scope, or whatever.

So i have no problem to get a "no" to some of my posts, bug report or advises about users needs.

But i do think that every post should have a response, as minimum fairness.
It would help us to use your products in the best way and be a partner for making WuBook evolving for benefice of everybody (customers and your company).

And if i am not accurate in some of my posts, just let me know why with arguments.
At the moment responses to bug reports are really light (to say the least) and seems like you do not dig to really understand what it is about.

Again, let us know the "reality" of your state of mind about request, i do not need a politically correct response. A "No" is totally acceptable, as long it is assumed Angel

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