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Visit the Rivendell Site with all devices and discover how Wubook provides a custom graphical user interface for each of them. The Online Booking experience is optimized for Desktop, Smartphone and Tablets!!

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You define Packages on your WuBook Control Panel and you can sell them on the pages of your site. Notice that your customers will be able to book them with One Click!!

Aspects techniques

Langages utilisés : Seulement Javascript
Difficulté : pas difficile
Librairie utilisée : WuBook Javascript Library
Fonctions utilisés WuBook.pkg_availability()

Hobbit Shire!

Visitez la paisible et verdoyante Contrée des Hobbits pour un merveilleux week-end. C'est une offre idéale pour les familles avec enfants. Vos enfants seront ravis de visiter les maisons de Hobbits et les parents pourront profiter de la bière Hobbit et fumer le mythique tabac de Galenas.

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Le package est disponible :)

Mordor Tour!

Do you want to visit the mythical Sauron's land? It will be a travel to discover the secrets of the Fire. Not so good for children, perfectly suitable for adventurers. The program? You arrive at Friday and a tradinional Midlle Earth Dinner will wait for you! We will then leave for the Sauron's Land on Saturday, visiting the great Barad-dur Tower.

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Le package est disponible :)

Flying with the eagle up to throw the ring of power

Volez avec les aigles à travers le cercle de feu

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