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Statistique des repas - DG112 - 02-08-2019

Follow up to ticket 121353

We have a screen for the next meals to prepare. This is OK for day to day work.

But if you put yourself in position of hotel who want to manage and analyse the meals he serves, what do he needs ?

- How much meal did I sold during preriod X to Y
- What is the value (total) for those meals.
- What is the repartition between breakfast, lunch, dinner, other (again numbers and $$)

After that I need to analyse wich type of room buy my meals.
So I need a second axis : rooms / type of meal.
Again total number and $$.
For period X to Y

This could be a good start.

Any comments ? Other ideas ??

RE: Statistique des repas - indigo - 02-15-2019


Merci pour votre message.
Ces remarques seront prises en compte pour la nouvelle version des statistiques qui est en cours de développement.


RE: Statistique des repas - DG112 - 05-17-2019


Avez vous plus d'information sur la date de mise à disposition d'une version "rénovée" ? Merci.

RE: Statistique des repas - indigo - 05-17-2019